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The Farm Studios - Garth "GGGarth" Richardson.

The Farm Studios is a state-of-the-art, professional recording studio, all in a home setting. Write, record, mix and relax while watching deer stroll by, trees rustling and eagles soaring. Your comfort is our priority, with the serenity and clarity of the forest just a breath away.

live room

The live room has everything needed to produce and record your best music. 

Designed by Ron Obvious, who has also designed and built studios for Bryan Adams’ “The Warehouse Studio,” and Robert “Mutt” Lange, the Live Room is a floated room – a room inside of a room (inside of a forest).

Some artists have put together award-winning records in their bedrooms. Our guitar coffins are in the laundry room – we bring a whole new meaning to the spin cycle.

GGGarth built the studio to be the antithesis to the standard. You will never feel as though you’re stuck, or under pressure to be creative while in a concrete bunker without seeing the light of day.

Need a break? Step outside, lean up on a fir tree, listen to the birds chirp and watch the hummingbirds flutter. Let nature’s music influence yours.

Floated Room
540 sq feet – 17’ w by 30’ l by 10’ h
Window panel removable
Record anywhere

At The Farm Studios, artists can record anywhere they feel inspired to do so. You are able to capture from virtually anywhere thanks to Focusrite Rednet Pro and Dante. This makes live-streaming performances particularly interesting as they are not limited to studio space – why not stream to your fans from our patio with an ocean view?

Cut your next track on our concert grand piano in the living room or play acoustic in the meadow….Want to play amongst the trees? You got it. Are you feeling comfortable in your cabin and want to record then and there? Go for it.

Over 300 feet of Cat6 creates our network

Control Room

The brains of the house is centrally located just one level up from the Live Room, in the Producer’s House. An SSL AWS 900+ control board dominates the room, with multiple 4k screens. Focusrite Rednet Pro servers are also located in this room, tucked away in the mechanical cabinet so as to keep any noise isolated. 

Take a break and open the side door, to reveal our outdoor lounge with a large deck. Sit, dine, have a bbq, take a soak in the hot tub or all of the above.

Board: SSL AWS 900+
Speakers: PMC AML2, Yamaha NS10M
Interface: Focusrite Rednet Pro /w AVID HDX Card